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You Will Get Paid Well for Surveys, If You Do It Right!

You Will Get Paid Well for Surveys, If You Do It Right!

You can make good money when you get paid for surveys, if you go about it in the right way. If you go the way you need to, you will make money.

There is a lot of business with paid surveys going on on the Net. Thousands of new surveys are being made every week and many tens of thousands of survey participants are receiving checks in their mail.

All this activity makes many new survey takers eager to jump in and get their share.

But it is necessary to understand that not all surveys are created equal. To make money you want to join the best paying survey sites. These are the ones that you would expect to get from the survey makers on a list of legitimate paid survey panels. Surveys that pay well, on time, and in cash or equivalent.

Unfortunately only about 20% of all surveys are actually legitimate paid online surveys. About 40-50% are marginal; lower-paying but not all bad. O.K. to respond to on a slow day. There is a reasonable chance that you will eventually get paid for surveys from these, and “half-a-loaf is better than none.”

The final 30-40% are losers, time wasters that only offer charity work (take this survey for free) or (most likely) try to sell you stuff. (Buy our $12 widget and we’ll send you $2.) Yeah, right. Time wasters.

So how do you get a list of the good survey makers so that you can actually get paid for surveys?

That is the key question. Get a good list and you make money. Get a bad one and you just waste time and energy.

There are many lists being offered on the Net. It is important to know what motivates those offering lists. There are two ways that list purveyors can get paid: from the survey makers that need new recruits, or from the survey takers (like you) that want the lists.

The 80% of survey makers who do not pay well are constantly losing survey participants (surprise!) and must pay to recruit. Those offering “free lists” on the Net are being paid for this recruitment. That is their focus, to get paid to recruit YOU. They don’t care whether you make money or not.

The 20% of survey makers that pay well have low turnover and generally don’t pay recruiting fees. The only list purveyors that can profit from giving you a list of these good survey makers are the ones that YOU pay, the paid survey membership sites.

The paid survey membership sites care. They want you to get paid for surveys and make money with their list so you won’t ask for a refund.

Only consider looking at paid survey membership sites that offer a STRONG money-back guarantee. If THEY don’t believe in the service they offer, enough to guarantee satisfaction or your money back, then why should YOU believe in THEM? If there is a strong guarantee, you can look. If not, forget it.

From this group with strong money-back guarantees (and there are 70 to 100 that qualify), pick one with a low refund rate under that guarantee. Low refunds mean happy clients. High refunds mean many unhappy clients demanding their money back.

In summary then, to really get paid for surveys you will need a good list of legitimate paid survey panels to sign up with. The best way to get such a list is to pick a paid survey membership site with happy clients, join them and get a copy of their list.

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